The Desert of Desolation

Session #3 In the depths of the Pyramid of Amon-Re

(death claims a gnome)

The party is approached by the wandering spirit of an ancient Pharaoh of a empire vanished many thousands of years ago.

Conflict erupts between the brave band and a fanatical sect of Thune Dervish warriors sworn to protect all tombs from any form of desecration.


The gallant band pressed deeper into the tomb, finding many secret passages behind mighty statues and rune-carved halls

A magical gate through a fire pit

led to a chamber with mist filled arches, which vomited forth DEATH




I try to rest the best I can in this death trap. Nixxie sleeps, her head on my leg, exhausted from the fights we’ve been cursed with in this hell. Her steady breathing is comforting. I reflect on the past few days, trying to figure out what we could have done differently. Our battle with the Thune Dervishs was easier than I expected them to be. I was pleasantly surprised at my hydraulic push. It is definitely a talent I will be using more of during our skirmishes.

The pyramid. I wish our trek had never brought us to this place. It’s cursed… the rumors are true. The beauty inside is nothing but death at every turn, but we had no choice If we want to aid Amun-Re. I wish the priest we came across would have believed our cry for help. We seem to be reaching for the same goal. Instead of working together, we used force against him and his followers. I am thankful Balor could fend off the priest. That gigantic axe over his head was nothing to sneeze at. And the tunnels! Every twist and turn had me on edge, dreading what we might face around each corner. Each and every room had an eerie feeling, the air seemed hard to breath. By the dust, no one had walked the halls for hundreds if not thousands of years. The ranger seemed to be fearless, as he explored the tunnels for us, looking for traps, searching for clues.

Fenwick, the poor crazy man. After his discovery of a healing water, he took off on his own and disappeared. We found ourselves, a while later, in the same room he had been in, confronted with the same flames we found out later that he had licked. Reluctantly, we all touched the flame and followed the same path as the gnome. Surprisingly. we found ourselves transported to a very small room. The four doors presented to us were covered by some mist. We made a very foolish mistake, not the first or the last on our journey. We agreed on pulling four levers at the same time. We were pulled to the ceiling! I still do not understand how such a thing could happen! I believe it will always be a mystery we will never solve. We were badly hurt, but healed, then repeated the painful steps once more to regain our footing on ground. The luck of the dice were not on our side. A minotaur appeared from one of the doors! It was massive! And the smell! I was terrified, but working together, we managed to finally take him down. The ranger was terribly hurt. After some time, we decided on trying our own luck and passed through an arch. We made it through without incident, but once again we were given a bad roll. Another minotaur! The room was so small, there was no way we could get any space from this hellish creature! We fought the best we could, but not well enough. We lost one of our own, Fenwick. Memories of my own parents death flooded over me. This gnome was beginning to feel like a brother to me. Odd, yes, but he would do all he could to protect us. Well, he did, and it cost him his life. Should we have run, like some wanted to do? If we had, would we have been scattered in this maze, never to find one another again? Would the minotaur have still killed one of us as we tried our escape? So many questions we will never have answered. My heart hurts for our loss. I hope to never feel this agony again.


Brutal. These last few days have been rough. We have fought in many battles and had to make some tough calls, although some of the others don’t think much and only act often. Baylor and Fenwick (rest in peace) did some risky things and for that we have all paid, Fenwick (RIP) with his life. I seek truth but I do not seek to be eliminated. After Fenwick (RIP) licked what looked to be a magical fire causing him to disappear we saw no other choice but to follow him into the unknown. Where ever we got transported to made me wish we would of never entered this cursed pyramid. Never able to relax, I am continuously watching my back and wondering if the rest of us will make it out alive or if we all have the same fate as Fenwick (may he rest in peace). All I keep thinking of is brutal. Brutal pyramid. Brutal combat. Brutal death.


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