The Desert of Desolation

Session #5 Lifting the Curse

Crawling up from the watery passage of the Sphinx lair, the brave adventurers explore the upper levels of the pyramid, running into all manner of strange areas, bizarre creatures,

canopic jars with still-beating hearts,


and the final form of the curse, a mighty mummy.


After a hard-fought battle, the band were able to lift the curse by removing the star-gem and Rod of Authority, breaking the curse and freeing Amun-Re’s tormented spirit. Once more, the intrepid crew resume their trek through the burning wastes, desperately seeking some form of civilization,,,,out of the frying pan, into the fireball…



Oh my goodness! Fresh air, at last! The feel of warm sand under my feet. And the stars… those bright beautiful stars. I don’t want to rest and miss a minute of any of this! I thought seeing the underground rivers and foliage was wonderful, it was nothing compared to being freed from that hell! Secret doors, alters with strange and dangerous writings, tunnels, fountains, and flying fruit! What strange places and things we encountered the last couple of days. And Fennwick…. the poor little blue man. This time he is gone for good. The excitement of having exploding pineapples was too much for him. I thought he was going to be fine, but the climb down the tree was too much. I still shudder to think of how that poor little crazy man died. Horrible, so horrible was his death. I am afraid to admit, but losing companions is becoming the norm.

I must admit, the path we choose seemed to be wiser than our paths in the past. We seemed to be on track for a change. Our luck actually made a turn for the good when we came upon a rock creeper. I have never seen such an elemental as this one before. Each time we went to attack, it retreated into it’s wall. Then without warning, it popped out to beat whomever was closest. It wasn’t one of our hardest battles, and we seemed to kill it pretty easily. Once he was gone, we realized he had been protecting a canopic jar. Our glorious paladin picked it up only to hear the sound of a beating heart! Can you imagine? Thank the water gods that she had the sense to destroy it, contents and all! Upon killing the heart, our own hearts skipped a beat when we heard the most excruciating shriek somewhere from the darkness. Later we realized it belonged to a very powerful wizard. Finally, we got lucky, one less dark foe to fight.

After that, we traveled from one octagon room to another. Until… we came to a talking fountain that flowed skyward! It was simply amazing! After looting the dead wizard we heard earlier, we discovered a secret portal. We went up the water flow! It landed us into another room. This one filled with canopic jars, pillars, an alter, and a rotten boat. After some searching, we found a movable painting. It was the scariest thing ever! We realized we were actually above the pyramid! Somehow, some way, we were now up in the heavens! It was amazing to watch Gary go across on a rope to a tethered boat. He found the blue gem, the one we had been searching all of this time for!

I was more than happy to leave the heights and make our way through another set of doors. It was a burial room. And right in the center was a sarcophagus. Atop that was a staff. Now, we all had an idea what that meant. Balor had the sense to use a spell to lift the staff to us. That action awoken the mummy. Now, we had never fought a beast such as this one before. Hits did very little. While our paladin took the brunt of the beatings, Gary healed it, over and over again with the star gem. Nixxie dealt the final killing bite. We did it. We helped give Aman-Rah peace. On our way back down to the sands, I felt very satisfied with what we did. It was a very serious and deadly task we took on, but we accomplished it. I wonder though if the price was too high? We lost some wonderful companions. I am unsure if I would do it all over again if given the chance, but I will not regret the choices we made. Let’s hope these lands can now heal. Let’s hope we can rest before another adventure finds us.

Session #5 Lifting the Curse

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