The Desert of Desolation

Session #7 The Crypt of Badr al-Mosak

(Traps! Why'd it have to be TRAPS?!?)

The deadly quintet of adventures finished their exploration of the Temple of Set beneath the Oasis, bringing evidence that the Sheik’s son was to blame for the troubles plaguing the Oasis…and yet, neither he, his cult nor the slavers (that fled in the night) actually HAD the princess….two and two were put together, and the intrepid group, reinforced with new adventurers, set out through many perils to reach the lost Crypt of Badr al-Mosak, a cursed ruin in the heart of the desert, beyond a rocky wadi-veined mountain range….


Camping in the Pass of Shadows had it’s own dangers…

Perhaps even more dangerous was the acquisition of a retarded Genie know as Hassim the Fool

Many traps and hard fighting later, the group recovered both the missing Star Gems and the missing princess…..


So this is the group the Sheik has saddled me with? (humph) I do terribly hope their downtrodden appearance is due more to the difficulty of this last trek rather than an everyday curse. Seems they have the standard arrow catchers up front; a no doubt righteous-angst filled paladin and a half orc that follows at her heels like a lost puppy in need of a good swatting. I see a warrior dual wielding toothpicks, he should be of great help! An elven alchemist from far away Tian Xia? Now there is an unlikely combination. Hopefully his throwing arm is a touch more accurate than the last alchemist I happened across. The look on that cleric’s face when…well right before…that bubbling phial hit his nose was absolutely precious. And the mess left over would give children nightmares! (laughs heartily) I always told One-Eye he should be praying for a healing or spell or two instead of all those hopelessly weak parlor tricks, but what does a master wizard know of such things? (chuckle) And what have we here…an Undine tree-hugger? In the desert? Really? Was she confused as to her destination when she boarded the ship from Absalom? A pity really, I suppose she’ll have to do as my second since this troupe seems to not even have a hedge sorcerer amongst them. Ugh, what is this? A walking striped bag of fleas? Calm down Skarlette, the big kitty wont be bothering you any if she knows what’s good for her. (sighs, shakes head) Well I suppose this is what you are given when you wait too long to heed the call for treasure, all the experienced groups no doubt are much further along. (walks toward group)

“Greetings friends! Congratulations on returning from your last adventure! The Sheik has been good enough to introduce me to you, as I heard you recently lost a fellow companion. Such a shame, I too have lost many along my travels. But my manners! I am Dante, journeyman wizard, and am at your humblest service. I will strive to be a strong addition to your group. Ask of me what you will and call me friend!”

Surely the gods are jesting with me, how am I to plunder the riches of Ancient Osirion with this wretched lot? Bah, I’ll help these along with their struggles if I must, but I refuse to bed next to the druid. I care not for fleas or dry flaked skin in my bedrolls!


With saddened hearts, we continue our search for the princess. We come across a locked door, and thinking she might be behind it, Red picks the lock. Unfortunately for us, as the door opens, we all fall down a sliding pit trap! We are all unconscious but Kierra after our 60 foot fall! Thank the water gods that she can get Balor back up to heal us all. Sickening, we are surrounded on all sides by bones. These poor souls. We find a bit of treasure to loot. I feel wrong, but we need it to survive. After looking around a bit, we realize we are at the bottom of a pit, or well, that we came across not to long ago. We formulate a plan. For the first time, I get to use a new skill of mine, wildshape. How exhilarating! I shape shift into an owl! The feeling, I cannot put it into words. It’s quite simply an amazing feeling! I grab on to a rope tightly with my talons, and fly up the pit! Everyone safely climbs out of the pit. But for how long? A very dark and creepy wight slowly makes his way towards us. This foe is not to be taken lightly. Though never having seen one before, I know just how deadly they can be. Childhood stories of such creatures still haunt me. Careful not to be touched by it’s darkness, we do take it down. I hope to never cross paths with one such again.

We decide it is time to leave this place. As we feel the fresh air again after our upward trek, the djinn appears, taking off to the west with our star gems! How can we ever believe we will be able to beat such a strong creature? Have we failed? Are our gems lost forever? We refocus on our surroundings to the smell and sight of burnt flesh. One still moves. Kierra heals him the best she can only to find out it is one of the Sheik’s sons! Before we can act any further, guards arrive and bring us to the Sheik. He is devastated to find that his own son is full of such evil! And his daughter is still missing! The djinn has her. We agree to continue helping him, but we are low on manpower. Fortune smiles upon us and we find our company joined by Yarg and Sum-Tin. We are a full party once more. We even are surprised by Kierra being given the Pegasus she helped! Maybe our luck has turned!

We take a much needed rest for the night. Early the next morning, we pack and continue on into the hot and relentless dessert. That evening, we are awaken to the cries of our camels! One by one, the shadow takes them. I have no idea what these shadows are, but they bring death! We manage to take two of them down, the third escapes through a crack in the rock wall. It’s an easy choice between running or fighting. Fleeing was smart, because upon looking back, there are dozens of figures hovering over the rock! We would surely have perished in that fight. I have no doubt after hearing the low terrifying moan that beckoned those shadows back. I still shiver when thinking about it.

We travel on and happen upon a large bowl of sand with a statue in the center. Red decides to open a jar he purchased back at the oasis. The ruins on the jar speak of an air genie. Thinking of how helpful that would be, he opens it. Out appears Hasseim the Magnificent, in a cloud of purple and thunderclap that makes me jump! He appears friendly and helpful, but that doesn’t last long. He disappears, only to reappear with a creature he called an otyugh! It was awful! It has 3 legs and tentacles, and the smell…. it reeks of sewage! It grabs Red and wildly swings him around. out battle doesn’t last long, and we defeat it. Hasseim appears again, but this time with a rope so large, I don’t know how we will ever move it! What is wrong with this genie! Kierra is terribly perturbed and wants him to never be summoned again! We decide to move on. Before the annoying genie was dismissed, he did push over the statue in the center for us. We discovered a large hole. Red volunteers to climb down. We are all mortified when his rope is cut down in the hole, and he falls to a water pit below! There is no way anyone can reach him! I decide to once again, shape shift. This time I am an eagle. I easily fly down and turn him with my talons. He’s alive. I turn back and heal him. Once I drag him to a rocky surface, I swim around to check things out. We are trapped and unable to scale the rocky walls. After some time, everyone climbs down to a ledge part way down the hole. Red and I are pulled up to them. There are 4 halls. The first with a ifrit with an open mouth. The second has a statue with 4 arms and 4 bows which we find constantly resets itself. The third is a lady with the head of a fish holding 7 dripping swords. The last statue is nothing but spikes. Oh my, again, nothing but danger. I will say the next hour is crazy. I lost count on how many times the boys tripped the traps in 2 of the halls. Really? Balor sets off the ifrit, and a ball of fire explods into every inch of that hole! Many of us were unconscious, and poor Yarg burnt to death. He was with us such a short time. Such a tragedy. After a while, we finally figured out that the spiked statue was the way to go. Finally we could move on.

The next few rooms were very interesting. One contained a pit with mummies moving in our view, over and over again. Nixxie got too close and was clobbered! I am unsure of how many of her 9 lives are left! We killed 3 more wights, being rewarded with scrolls, a magical dagger, and potions. We avoided a door that may have have held back more undead. And believe it or not, we found another moving sack!!! This one contained an orc, Grut. Another new friend made on our journey. One other room had another one of those strange shafts. Balor used mage hand and pulled many treasures for our use! Scrolls, a helmet, a scry, potions, and a shield. Grut tried on the helmet only to find it changed him! He seemed to become… kind and civilized! I am not sure how this will play out for us, but we sure do seem to come across some strange things! Balor decides to use the scry we found. I am so glad he does! We sees the princess! We know she is alive! We continue on to another ledge, then to a strange room with bright lights. Balor ventures out, and before we know it, he is gone in a beam of light! No, another one of us gone! We have no time to mourn. After man tries, we find a path through this torture chamber. But it gets worse…. up a few steps is he djinn with the princess. We hide, hoping he will leave. Our prayers are answered, and Sum-Ting makes his move. He uses and invisibility potion, sneaks into the room between two giant undeads, gives a potion to the princess, and sneaks her out. It was amazing! We take the 2 giants out quite easily! Yay! Something went our way! We retrieve our 2 gems! Gary would be so happy! I return to owl form, take a rope up, and we all climb to our freedom! Win!

Upon returning to the oasis, we are greeted by a strange man and his…. pet. I get a strange feeling about him. I hope for his pet’s sake, Nixxie doesn’t need a late night snack. Actually, I think I secretly do hope she does.


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