The Desert of Desolation

Session #8

(an oath fullfilled)

Much was gained and lost this session…a wandering mage named Dante ‘stumbled’ upon the group (no sack this time!) and the party managed to return the Sheik’s daughter after a harrowing encounter with giant scorpions…Decon used his mongoloid djinn to travel via whirlwind back to the oasis to gather mounts and reinforcements and was gone before the scorpions arrived in the wee hours of the morning…Nixxie was almost devoured the the chitinous horrors…

After skirting the Pass of Shadows at high noon the following day, the adventurers regrouped at Happy Hogan’s Desert Igloo after the guards and Decon met them on the far side of the pass. A grateful Sheik gave a scroll to the wizard as his reward and granted a Pegasus to the paladin. The location of the dead city of Phoenix was learned, and the party agreed to finish the summoning of the Djinn Vizier, planning on joining a caravan heading south, over the Fangs of Rovagug mountains. Its final destination was some distant jungle outpost known as Fort Thunder…

Before the group could agree, Kierra put her mailed fist down and insisted the band bring a final death to the undead shadows and whatever terror commanded them to haunt the wati. The caravan master agreed to delay his start if the band would provide protection free of charge for the first week. Within the pass, a long-hidden tomb was discovered, and many Shadows were put down after the mage used a wand of Mage Armor to greatly increase the protection of the party vs the intangible touch of the Shadows.

Decon learned the price the sword extracted for a poor thrust and cut, nearly dying as the blade corrected his aim, using decon’s own health to do so. The Shadows proved no match….however when their horrific leader, a mummy wielding a powerful scimitar know as Cyclone of the Four Quarters, stumbled from his secret throne room. it was left to Kierra and Talise to bring the thing to battle, for the rest of the party were all struck numb by the thing’s supernatural dreadfulness. The Paladin showed a berserk savageness as great as any barbarian’s, as she did not hesitate but sallied into the fray, handily crushing the ancient mummy and it’s zombie bodyguard in short order. Talise healed the warrior, keeping her alive to fight on…


Pilfering the tomb (and many scimitar-marked gold rings), the band returned to the oasis and the waiting caravan. Decon made the only choice open to him, insisting Hassim the Fool use his wish power to return the horrible black blade to what ever hellish pit he found the thing in…. Decon hardened his heart to the djinn’s blubbering and begging, knowing that the djinn must return to the Elemental Plain that spawned him when his binding magic was broken (and probably to a life of ridicule from the heartlessly cruel djinn who would no doubt mock Hassim for a terribly long time…)


After trudging through the desert sands for many hours, I came across the group of companions the Sheik implored me to find. Seems as tho his Sheikieness was generally concerned as to the whereabouts of his missing brood mare, and after many days his faith was failing in the intrepid adventurers he sent after her. But not to worry, I joined the group with many smiles and nary a cross word. Very trusting these folks. Not too interested in my me nor my past, which is a good thing. Nosy companions tend to lose noses in accidental fires.

After much discussion, the rogue with the toothpicks commanded his genie, a real winner that seems a few rubs shy of a full lamp, to transport him to the Oasis in order to inform the Sheik of their impending arrival. I was unaware of this group’s lack of beasts of burden, and I claimed a knee injury to avoid carrying anything. Bah, let those whose words do not command the elements do the lifting!

We tested our mettle soon as a triad of giant desert scorpions picked up on our movements. The paladin and barbarian were most impressive, impaling themselves on claws almost immediately. The flea bag engaged the other scorpion while the druid summoned creatures to help the fight. Two of the scorpions I crisped to hulks, and would have done the third, but that wretched cat was in the way. I should have lit both cat and critter vermin up alike…but methinks that would not be received too well. From eavesdrop…err overhearing conversations, that beast is the strongest fighter they have! The scorpions were, of course, overcome, and a short while later we met up with an Oasis unit sent out ahead to escort us in.

Once we played the humble rescuers, and received much earned rewards, a bit of a tiff occurred with the thus far ironclad group. Seems as tho Kierra has taken an oath to re-kill all “unholy undead abominations!!!” (her words, not mine), and a nearby tomb had been passed by the party in their haste to rescue the princess. Others in the group were set on taking jobs as caravan guards to leave behind this desolate, treasure-less place…and summon some genie or another along the way. Details that do no involve wealth or death bore me. In that order. A friendly barmaid mentioned to me this tomb was rumored to have a great treasure…so I convinced the caravan master to take this little detour for the genie, and threw in my full support to tomb raiding! I mean, unholy undead abomination reckoning!

After a couple days travel, we arrived at the tomb. The paladin’s feelers were being tickled and I saw an opportunity. I bartered with the group: a shot of my cheap wand of mage armor for first dibs on the treasure. Seeing as there were certainly unruly spirits in this pit, it was a no-brainer, and the group agreed. We fought many shades quite successfully but the final creature turned out to be too much for most of our group. I wasn’t scared out of my wits by any means from the miasma of doom emanating from the ageless mummy, but I found it quite difficult to lace my boots properly for a few minutes. The paladin, for all her holiness, gleefully engaged in unrestricted destruction against the mummy and a few zombie servants. Talise helped best she could, but the glowing warrior was a one woman show. Which is fine, the dampness of the tomb was playing merry hell with the arthritis in my knuckles.

Treasure time! A few rings, some worthless gear, and a golden crown. Haha! Now THIS is what all this trouble was for. Sir Tooth Picks asked his genie about some sword we found, and apparently it is really powerful. Not much of a market for it though. While I was admiring my crown, the genie was dismissed permanently it seems. Such a waste, could have made a fortune with his jokes!

Thus bolstered with new found experience, and with my crown at a jaunty angle on my head, I return triumphantly to the Oasis surrounded by my new peasants. A very profitable venture indeed!

Session #8

(So…. the odd man with his pet chicken is to be our newest companion. How odd he did not come gift wrapped in a sack for us. Oh well, maybe our next one will be.)

We happened upon the pass of shadows once again. After much deliberation, we decided to return the princess to her father before following any more adventures. Red made the choice to ask his djinn to return the two of them to the oasis. There, he could get horses and come back for us. Silly, silly man. Hassiem decided to use a sand cyclone as transportation! My stomach churned just thinking about it!

We were lucky to have only one battle on our homeward journey, but what a battle it was! Three giant scorpions attacked! Our newest… friend, lit them up quite nicely. He could not take out the third due to Nixxie being grappled. I think he still wanted to burn them both up, but thought wiser. I almost lost Nixxie so it’s clutches, but she survived. Between the grapple and poison, I am surprised any of us lived!

We have decided to take on another job, but this time as caravan guards. Odd job, but it brings in gold and allows us to make a side trip to release the genie. I hope all of the work and loss of friends will be worth this genie. We will also be going to Whitebridge and The City of the Phoenix. I remember stories of the jungle we will be passing through from traders back home. sigh I sometimes yearn for that quiet life again. No use in looking back now.

After another trek, we finally returned to the shadow pass. I did not want to do this at all. So against it. Evil pours from every crack, and I want nothing to do with it. But, I pledged to be a part of this new circle of friends, and they wish to fight. Upon reaching the red marble doors, we read a warning chiseled into the hard rock. Fun, it looks as if we will be meeting the terror of the genies. We found ourselves facing a room of tombs. Before we knew it, 12 shadows emerged! We fought them in the doorway, blocking their ability to surround us. It proved a good move, and we took them down. Before we could celebrate our victory, the genie arose along with a few minions. Now, here’s the thing, the boys fell prey to his evil and were frozen still! As usual, the girls picked up the slack. Kierra sliced and sliced away at our foes, while I kept her healed. I am thrilled that her holy anger finally finished them all off! We received many shiny trinkets for our deeds. Some may sell well for us. Dante got first pick as he made some lame deal with us before battle. If he keeps this up, I may just end up stuffing him into the sack he should have been in when we first met him! Hmph, the man in insufferable! (in IRL too! hehe)

Ah, finally, we can rest a bit. Red wished Hasseim goodbye, even after his whimpering and pleading. I don’t know, I may kind of miss that genie.

Session #8

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