The Desert of Desolation

Session 9 & 10

(Lazy DM)

Session 9:

The adventures at long last managed to free the Vizier of the Djinn, in time to battle the arriving efreet….but to their amazement, the two seemed equally matched. To make matters worse, the fiery evil outsider summoned flaming skeletons, a magma elemental and a salamander.

Battle was joined, and it proved that the deeds of mortal can sway the balance of power for greater beings. The efreeti was ultimately destroyed. With nary so much as a thanks, the Djinn departed to the elemental Plane of Air. The party was left to press on, passing through the stark buttes and rocky hills of the Teeth of Rovagug…defaced shrines and statues were found, but the caravan was too large to attract the attention of human cultists, though a pair of hungry Manticores attempted to pick off stragglers and were slain after inflicting many wounds.


Eventually, beyond the Teeth, the land turned more fertile, a small savannah that ended soon at the Vanji river, where a trade outpost and ship yard were found. The party were rewarded well when they tracked down and slew a rogue elephant of massive size, returning with the blood-colored tusks.


Here ends session 9.

Session 10:

Boarding the Wealthy Star, a rather unique paddle boat, blanketed with mosquito netting,


that feeds on unknown alchemical fuel, the party proceeded upriver, and near the evening of the first day, encountered a log snare…this proved to be the work of a fish-controlling river monster, a huge,scaly Nisp


…the thing’s dominated pack of mega-piranha gave the alchemist hell when he fell in the murky river. The fun continued that night when the alchemist ran afoul of an undead river ooze….A few days later, the adventures came upon Whitebridge station, and found the place had been wiped out by demon-worshiping ape-men and their massive Gorillion slave.


Battle was had and the former occupants were avenged. Here ended session #10



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