Balor Star-Born-[KIA...saw the light.]

Aasimar Oracle




I am Balor, named Star-Born by the monks of the Temple of Erastil for the star burst birthmark upon my chest and my silver eyes. As if my appearance was not enough to announce my heritage, the occasional celestial animal guardian coming to my aid when I needed their help most erased all doubt as to a benevolent ancestor keeping an eye on his progeny. The monks raised me to venerate Life and do my utmost to preserve it, for even then they felt the touch of Death upon my soul and strove to keep Pharasma from gaining sway. After many years of Temple life, my wanderlust called to me and I set forth into the world to, for lack of a better phrase, find my place. And perhaps discover just who, or what, has been keeping a watch over me all these years. But most of all, to learn why my dreams are haunted by screams, fire and glowing, infernal eyes. I can hear the moans of the dead in my sleep…and they do not desist in my waking hours.

Balor Star-Born-[KIA...saw the light.]

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