Undine Druid




My childhood was perfect. Loving parents, who spent every moment they could with me, teaching me everything they knew from their life’s experiences. Laughing and learning with a neighboring druid family, their children like the brothers and sisters I never had. Any extra time I had was spent racing through the Verduran Forest with my animal friends, and swimming through the cool, sparkling waters of the Sellan River. I closely observed all who traveled by our community to trade, soaking in everything I could from each new visitor and race I encountered. Then, at the young age of 15, our family received news of my grandfather’s failing health. The trek to their community would be arduous and full of danger. My parents wished me to stay behind. Sadly, I did. Months went by with no word from them. I feared the worst. With no parents or family to guide me, my druid family petitioned the Undine society to adopt me. Taking pity upon me, my people broke many of their own rules and allowed it. Years flew. I lived between the two places, never really tying myself completely to one or the other. I was happy, most of the time. But the road called to me. I wanted more. Was it a hunger for knowledge? Did I think I could find out what happened to my parents? Maybe it was fate that brought me to Absalom. Truly, it does not matter. What matters is a new adventure is waiting for me. I am ready and willing to take it on.


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